The MOSAIC Group has been fortunate to host many talented and brilliant scientists from different countries and disciplines. Since it's inception in 2006, 8 young scientists obtained their Ph.D. in the MOSAIC Group and 7 postdoctoral fellows developed their scientific career with us. All MOSAIC Alumni went on to great positions in science or industry. Please select a name from the menu to the left (in ascending chronological order) in order to read more about a particular former MOSAIC'an.

Alumni of the MOSAIC Group

Name Function Timespan Country Current Job
Jo Helmuth PhD Student 07/2006-07/2010 Germany Quantitative analyst with LGT Finance
Dr. Nélido Gonzalez-Segredo Postdoc 09/2007-09/2010 Venezuela Senior Research Associate at Free University of Brussels
Christian L. Müller PhD Student 08/2006-12/2010 Germany Full Professor, LMU Munch & Group Leader, Flatiron Institute NYC & Group Leader, Helmholtz Institute Munich
Birte Schrader PhD Student 10/2006-01/2011 Germany Software developer at Cyfex AG
Rajesh Ramaswamy PhD Student 09/2007-11/2011 India Data Scientist, EMD Serono, Inc., Boston
Dr. Grégory Paul Postdoc 02/2008-05/2012 France Postdoc at ETH Zurich
Dr. Sylvain Reboux Postdoc 10/2008-06/2012 France Senior Software Engineer at ZMT MedTech
Dr. Nicolas Fiétier Postdoc 03/2011-07/2012 France Founder and owner of ARTS Engineering
Arun Shivanandan PhD student 07/2011-06/2012 India Postdoc at Institut Curie, Paris
Dr. Aurélien Rizk Postdoc 09/2011-08/2012 France Postdoc at Paul Scherrer Institute
Omar Awile PhD Student 11/2008-01/2013 Syria&CH HPC Team, Blue Brain Project, EPFL, Switzerland
Janick Cardinale PhD Student 06/2008-02/2013 Italy&CH Senior Software Engineer, Vizrt, Zurich, Switzerland.
Ömer Demirel PhD Student 01/2010-07/2014 Turkey Application Engineer at University of Zurich
Dr. George Bourantas Postdoc 10/2013-10/2014 Greece Fellow at University of Western Australia
Dr. Xun Xiao Postdoc 11/2012-11/2014 P. R. China Group leader at HUAWEI Research Munich
Yuanhao Gong PhD student 01/2011-03/2015 P. R. China Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University, China
Sophie Schneider PhD student 12/2012-07/2015 Germany PhD student at University of Zurich
Dr. Alejandro Vignoni Postdoc 04/2015-04/2017 Argentina Associate Professor at University of Valencia, Spain
Yaser Afshar PhD student 10/2012-05/2017 Iran Postdoc at University of Michigan
Josefine Asmus PhD student 01/2013-05/2017 Germany Developer at ROBOTRON
Bevan Cheeseman PhD student 07/2013-12/2018 New Zealand Team Leader at Oxford Nano Imaging (ONI), Inc.
Alexander Mietke PhD student 10/2014-12/2018 Germany Postdoc at MIT, USA
Ulrik Günther PhD student 04/2014-07/2019 Germany Postdoc at CASUS
Dr. Vojtěch Kaiser Postdoc 11/2016-11/2019 Czech Republic Analyst at Banque de France
Dr. Benjamin A. Dalton Postdoc 07/2015-12/2019 Australia Research Fellow at Free University of Berlin

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