Ömer Demirel

Ömer Demirel

Ömer Demirel was a PhD student in the MOSAIC group from January 2010 until July 2014. He is a Turkish citizen and was born in March 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating and leaving the MOSAIC Group, Ömer became an HPC Application Engineer at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, where he develops efficient parallel codes for microscopy image processing.

In 2002 Ömer started his studies at the Koc University in Physics with full scholarship. Later, he was admitted to the Computer Engineering double-major program and finished it in 2007 with specializations in quantum networks, quantum cryptography, and mobile wireless networks. The spin-off article "Art of Quantum Cryptography" from his independent study supervised by Dr. Özgür Müstecaplioglu became the first undergraduate research article ever published in Turkey's most popular science magazine "Bilim ve Teknik".

After the completion of his studies, Ömer moved to Munich, Germany, where he studied Computational Science and Engineering at the Technische Universität München. He was a fellow of the prestigious Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering Honors Degree Program between 2007-2009 with a scholarship from DAAD. During his stay in Munich, Ömer focused on parallel programming, scientific visualization, and parallel high-performance simulations. His Master's thesis on "Parallelization of a Discontinuous Galerkin Solver for the Shallow Water Equations" was supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Bader. His Honors project was concerned with implementing an automatic inverted pendulum controller.

Alongside his studies, Ömer also enjoyed various internships at Bilmed - a leading Turkish company in integrated medical automation software -, at the Information Technologies Institute of the TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, at Hewlett-Packard (HP), and at the semantic search start-up TrustYou GmbH.

In our group, Ömer developed dynamic load balancing algorithms for large-scale particle methods, both for simulation and for image analysis. This included particle methods for Poisson problems with discontinuous coefficients, and parallel particle filtering methods for object tracking in videos. Ömer also co-authored the Parallel Particle Filtering (PPF) Library, together with our collaborator Ihor Smal (Erasmus MC, The Netherlands).

PhD Thesis

Ö. Demirel. Dynamic Load Balancing in Parallel Particle Methods. PhD thesis, Diss. ETH No. 22042, MOSAIC Group, ETH Zurich, 2014. (PDF)