Courses taught by MOSAIC

The MOSAIC Group is active in a number of undergraduate and graduate teaching activities, including regular lecture courses, journal and reading clubs, as well as block courses and summer/winter schools. Please select from the menu to the left for details about a specific course.

Master Program "Computational Modeling and Simulation"

The MOSAIC Group is coordinating the Master Program in Computational Modeling and Simulation at TU Dresden. It is a cross-departmental program involving the faculties of computer science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, medicine, psychology, economics, and the Center of Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering. The program provides solid training in the application-independent computational, theoretical and algorithmic foundations of learning models from data ("data science", inverse problem) and numerically simulating these models on a computer (forward problem). Specialization in application-specific areas is offered in five tracks:

  • Computational Life Science (for applications in biology, medicine, and psychology)
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Visual Computing (for applications in machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics)
  • Computational Modeling in Energy Economics
  • Computational Engineering (for applications in mechanical engineering)

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