Computer simulation of biological systems

Computer simulation of biological systems

This is a foundations-oriented research project work done in the hosting group. Students learn the scientific working methodology and how to support or disprove own hypotheses by experiments or theories they conceived. They lean how to present their arguments and defend them.


Independent work on a research project in the MOSAIC Group in the area of computer simulations of biological systems, typically studying the foundation of a simulation algorithm or designing numerical experiments to a certain hypothesis.

Program / Module

M.Sc./Diplom Computer Science
Module: INF-PM-FPG - Research Project Foundations


8 SWS project work


At the end of the project, students present the results in a graded scientific colloquium.

Registration to the course

Because this is an individual project work without fixed time and location, it is not listed in jExam. Registration is directly with the teacher upon mutual agreement.


Prof. Ivo F. Sbalzarini

Teaching language: ENGLISH