Philosophy of Science and Good Scientific Practice

Philosophy of Science and Good Scientific Practice

After this course, students possess the scientific working methods and are familiar with the principles of good scientific practice.


Training in good academic practice and scientific methodology

Program / Module

M.Sc. Computational Modeling and Simulation
Module: CMS-SKL - Soft Skills

Winter Term

Lecture: Tuesdays, 5. DS (14:50-16:20) in APB-E009 (computer science building) / FIRST LECTURE: OCT 9
Exercises: upon agreement


2 SWS lecture, self-study

2,5 credits


Seminar work (case study), including oral presentation

Registration to the course

For students of the Master program "Computational Modeling and Simulation: via CampusNet SELMA

For students of the Computer Science programs: via jExam


Lecture: Prof. Ivo F. Sbalzarini

Teaching language: ENGLISH

Please find below the lecture syllabus and the handouts:
  • Lecture 1 - What is a model, simulation, etc. Laplace philosophy of science (Slides PDF)
  • Lecture 2 - DFG Rules of good scientific conduct (Slides PDF)
  • Lecture 3 - How to author, cite, and acknowledge (Slides PDF)
  • Lecture 4 - Sebastian Schellhammer: how we learn and study
  • Lecture 5 - Sebastian Schellhammer: organizing one’s self-study curriculum
  • Lecture 6 - Sebastian Schellhammer: exams, how to prepare and what to expect
  • Lecture 7 - Sebastian Schellhammer: workshop on personal learning practices
  • Lecture 8 - Classes of emergence and scientific discovery (Slides PDF)
  • Lecture 9 - Assignment of seminar topics (Slides PDF)
  • Lecture 10 - How to write a text, how to give a talk (Slides PDF)
  • Lecture 11 - Principles of didactics and eduction science
  • Lecture 12 - Workshop presentations 1
  • Lecture 13 - Workshop presentations 2