Seminar Computational Life Science

Seminar Computational Life Science

Students will be able to independently develop the contents of scientific publications from at least two different fields of Computational Modelling and Simulation and present them to third parties in a comprehensible manner, and critically analyse the acquired knowledge. They are able to critically analyse and communicate the application of computational modelling methods in two different application areas and to recognise cross-application approaches.


Analysis and discussion of scientific publications on a topic of the student's choice in the fields of Computational Life Sciences.

Program / Module

M.Sc. Computational Modeling and Simulation
Module: CMS-SEM - Literature Review in Computational Modelling

Summer Term

Seminar: Thursdays, 14:50-16:20h, APB


2 SWS seminar, self-study

2,5 credits


Oral presentation ("Referat") of 30 minutes

Registration to the course

For students of the Master program "Computational Modeling and Simulation: via CampusNet SELMA


Lecture: Prof. Ivo F. Sbalzarini

Teaching language: ENGLISH