Undergraduate projects

Student research projects at the MOSAIC Group

The MOSAIC Group constantly offers a wealth of student research projects for Semester, Bachelor, Master, and Diploma theses work. Please note that by law these projects are unpaid. For students coming from abroad, we may however be able to cover travel and accommodation expenses, conditional on the funding situation.

If you are interested in doing your undergraduate thesis work with us, please send an e-mail to Ivo Sbalzarini. I'm sure that we can find something that suits you! In addition, the following projects are currently up for grabs:

Pre-defined project suggestions

The following is a list of projects which we already know we want to do and you are free to pick from. In addition, we are also open to hear your own wishes and ideas. We would be happy to draft a project together with you that perfectly fits your needs. Just contact us!

Master/Diploma Thesis: Implementation of distributed multi-resolution data-structures and algorithms

Parallel high-performance computing increasingly relies on smart data structures that automatically adapt to the dynamics being simulated. In this project, you will get exciting insight into the latest self-adaptive multi-resolution algorithms and think about how to implement the corresponding data structures in a scalable distributed way in the C++ middleware OpenFPM.

>> For more information, please see the call here...

Master/Diploma Thesis: Spatiotemporal modeling of viral infection spread in the human respiratory tract

In collaboration with the company AstraZeneca, we offer a Master or Diploma thesis concerned with spatiotemporal modeling and simulation of viral infection spread in respiratory tissue. The project in carried out at the Center for Systems Biology Dresden under the supervision of Prof. Ivo Sbalzarini, but includes financial support for trips to Gothenburg in order to meet the researchers at the Gothenburg Research Laboratories of AstraZeneca in Sweden.

>> For more information, please see the call here...

Master/Diploma Thesis: Automatic Parameter Learning for BioImage Analysis

Image-analysis algorithms, such as those used for segmentation and tracking in microscopy images, have a number of user-set parameters. The present project will explore the use of black-box Design Centering in order to automatically learn or tune parameters from previous user interactions. This will be implemented in the popular MOSAICsuite for BioImage Analysis, which is used by thousands of labs around the world.