MOSAIC Group members

Members of the MOSAIC Group

Name Function Country of Origin
Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Ivo F. Sbalzarini Group Leader Switzerland
Susann Gierth Administrator Germany
Pietro Incardona Staff Scientist Italy
Krzysztof Gonciarz Software Engineer Poland
Dr. Michael Hecht Postdoc Germany
Dr. Quentin Vagne ELBE Postdoc France
Anastasia Solomatina PhD Student Russia
Karl Hoffmann PhD Student Germany
Suryanarayana Maddu PhD Student India
Johannes Bamme PhD Student Germany
Tina Šubic-Ramaswamy PhD Student Slovenia
Aryaman Gupta PhD Student India
Justina Stark PhD Student Germany
Joel Jonsson PhD Student Sweden
Abhinav Singh PhD Student India
Alejandra Foggia PhD Student Argentina

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MOSAIC Group photo as of October 2020.