Tina Subic

Tina Šubic-Ramaswamy

Tina Šubic

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)
Tina Šubic
Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD)
Pfotenhauerstr. 108
01307 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 210-2940

Curriculum vitae

Tina Šubic-Ramaswamy is a PhD student at the MOSAIC Group since July 2017. She is a Slovenian citizen, born in Kranj, Slovenia, in 1990.

From 2009 until 2012, Tina studied Biotechnology BSc at University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). She gained her Bachelor Degree in 2012.

After finishing her Bachelor Degree in 2012, Tina continued to a Master Degree in Biotechnology in Slovenia. She exited the program to continue her studies in Switzerland.

In 2013, she continued her Master studies at ETH Zurich, pursuing degree in Biotechnology MSc with major in Systems Biology. During her thesis at the Control Theory and Systems Biology Lab of Professor Mustafa Khammash, she developed an optimization algorithm for reaction parameters of stochastic reaction networks. In 2016 she was part of the ETH Zurich iGEM team. They were implementing an associative learning circuit in E. coli. The team was nominated for the Best Model and Best Part Collection award. Tina graduated from ETH Zurich in September 2016.

In the MOSAIC group, Tina is working on simulating the cell membrane and membrane transport of the minimal bacterial genome organism JCVI-syn3.0 using the parallel computing platform and Domain-Specific Language OpenPME, which she co-develops in collaboration with the group of Professor Jeronimo Castrillon, the Chair for Compiler Construction at TU Dresden.